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Dear Applicant

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for choosing RGA to help you meet your employment and career goals. We appreciate the time you are taking to complete our standard application process.

RGA is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for clients and their families, as well as offering all employees the security of knowing their coworkers are as trustworthy, safety oriented, and drug-free as they are.

In order to meet these safety & security goals, in addition to requiring that all potential new employees with be tested for illegal drugs, RGA also conducts a thorough background screening. If you are considered for employment, please not that some or all of the following employment screenings will be performed:

Global will conduct the following background screenings:

Criminal Record(s)
Previous Employer(s)
Verify your professional licenses and credentials as necessary and/or appropriate
Motor Vehicle Record (Driving Record)

Your consent for all background screening is given by proceeding through this application process.

Again, thank you for considering a career with RGA.