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At RGA you are more than just a number.

You're an owner.

At RGA, we know each employee contributes directly to our success, which is why every employee becomes a part owner of our company.

Employee-ownership creates a culture of collaboration and commitment.

More Transparency ยท Greater Benefits

Paid Holidays
Monthly Bonus Incentives
Bi-weekly Paychecks
Leadership Opportunities & Training

Join our team and become an


We offer an ESOP retirement plan with no cost to you!

The company makes all the contributions to your ESOP account.

When you retire or leave the company, you can request a distribution which cashes out the shares at their current market value.

Employee passing a quote over Front Counter

Working at RGA

At RGA, we know our personnel are the anchor of our business. And with 19 locations we have lots of opportunities for promotion.

Our locations are all full line fabrication stores and are operated by management, outside sales, clerical, shop, and delivery personnel.

Want to learn more about our RGA family of hardworking employee-owners, loyal customers and dedicated suppliers? We get it.