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Light Weight Conveyor Belting & Accessories

light weight belting

Because we supply the highest quality products, we can provide comprehensive, tailor-made solutions from our extensive range of light weight belting.

  • Thermoplastic Monofilament Belt
  • Thermoplastic Monolithic Belt
  • Plastic Modular Belt
  • Belt Fasteners & Tools
  • Vulcanizing Presses

True value goes deeper than products. But at RGA we combine great products with a drive for reliability to create lasting value for our customers.

Splice Inspection Guide

To achieve optimal performance of a Clipper® splice, select the correct fastener based on the belt thickness, minimum pulley diameter, and application conditions. Next, ensure that the fastener is properly installed; one of the most important factors is to embed the wire diameter one-half to one-third into the belt. To measure/inspect the splice has been properly embedded, follow these simple directions:

Step 1: Measure the belt thickness.
Step 2: Install the fasteners into the belt.
Step 3: Using a micrometer or caliper, measure the finished splice. Be sure to capture both the short leg knuckle and the adjacent long leg in one reading.
Step 4: Your finished splice should be within the range of the initial belt thickness plus one-half to one-third of the wire diameter.

Belt thickness = .100"
Hook size = 1 (.040" wire diameter)
Finished splice thickness should measure
.140"- .153" (.100"+ .040" to .053").

hook size chart

Other Critical Elements of a Good Splice:

  1. Hook points should slightly penetrate the opposite side.
  2. Hook legs should be parallel when installed. The knuckles of the hooks
    should not be higher than the legs.
  3. Do not lace entire width. Leave ¼"– ½" on each edge unlaced.
  4. Use one more hook on leading edge than on trailing edge.
  5. Chamfer/notch trailing edge.
  6. Belt edges should line up when laced ends are connected.

RGA delivers Habasit lightweight belting that serves many different industries

Every industry is unique with special requirements and conditions that continue to change and evolve. These may range from the fulfillment of legal requirements for food contact through coping with bulky shaped goods, as well as over long and winding conveyors to high precision and wear resistance features.

Food Industry

The number one priority for food processing is hygiene, therefore hygienic design and cleanability are mandatory. We need to ensure that the belts are resistant to the ingredients contained in the foodstuff they transport. International companies trust Habasit solutions and take advantage of HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts, KVP plastic spiral belts, food conveyor, and processing belts. Our solutions include many innovations like belts featuring antimicrobial additives, which fulfill legal requirements as per applicable region.

Packaging Industry

Habasit’s product range meets all requirements of the packaging applications. The hygienic design and cleanability of our solutions fulfill the most demanding requirements. The key attributes of Habasit products like low friction, low noise, and smooth running ensure safe conveyance of packaged products even at high speeds.

Material Handling Industry

No matter what kind of goods your company has to handle, RGA offers dependable and cost effective Habasit solutions to any materials handling application. Whether your needs are gentle handling, longer lifetime, or saving money in straight, inclined, or radius conveyor applications, we have never turned down a challenge in any domain of materials handling.

Automotive and Tire

New technologies are radically changing production; selection of the right belts has become decisive for producing cars and tires efficiently and economically. Habasit offers a complete, innovative range of products and solutions. RGA supplies HabasitLINK® plastic modular and HabaFLOW® fabric based conveyor and processing belts, HabasitDRIVE® power transmission belts and gear motors for all automotive applications including press lines, punching machines, skid conveyors, and people mover belts.

Printing, paper, and postal

Printing, finishing, and paper/cardboard converting processes require a broad range of different belts. HabaFLOW® fabric based belts, HabaSYNC® timing belts, HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts as well as Habasit chains and seamless belts perfectly meet customer needs.

Wood Industry

Wood is a valued natural material that needs to undergo considerable processing. You’ll find Habasit conveyor and power transmission belts and HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts in wood plants around the world processing the raw materials to make plywood, particleboard, MDF, and OSB.