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metal hose close up

Gases will not permeate hose wall and it is cleanable with steam or compatible chemicals, inside and outside

Long cycle life in motion applications, highly flexible, and kink resistant

More reasons to choose metal hose:

  • Material does not degrade from sunlight or radiant heat
  • Broad range of chemical resistance, inside and outside
  • Electrically conductive, dissipates energy, no capacity to store energy as with fluoropolymers
  • Stainless steel is non-sparking
  • Low force to bend in motion applications, minimal strain on connecting equipment
  • Does not degrade in high temperature applications
  • Will not burn or sustain combustion
  • Non-contaminating, no leeching of chemicals as with some rubber or plastic compounds
  • No discoloring of transferred chemicals
  • More economical than fluoropolymer constructed convoluted hose
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Flexible in low temperature applications to -50°F
  • Capable of high working pressures with a low weight to performance ration
  • Rugged construction, not easily damaged
  • Full vacuum capability – will not collapse